President Obama

How is history going to look at Obama the man? How is history going to look at his presidency? …The fax letter I have sent today to my lawyers at Pre-Paid Legal will probably define to a certain degree Obama’s fate.

DATE: August 7, 2009

xxxxxxxxxxxx, Senior Attorney

Pre-Paid Legal, Los Angeles

213-955-0001  *  213-612-9184 Fax

RE: Case: 2500616

Dear xxxxxxxxx:

I’m writing today to tell you about my worries with what is happening currently in the US, point out a few gross violations of our Constitution and seek advice on how it is best to proceed to have these violations corrected. I am a 54-year old disabled man, 7 years Pre-Paid Legal member and I am acting on my own as a concerned citizen. It is my full intention NEVER to back down from this — and keep doing research and take legal action to stop the current Administration and the Democratic Congress from altering and nullifying the Constitution. I am following the news relatively closely, particularly the voice of the opposition because it is less biased and I am sending you/your office facts that were checked and double checked by several people.

Let me first start with — in my opinion — the gross violation of the US Constitution effected by President Obama with the appointment of 44 Czars (by the last count I know). Those Czars, all or only a few of them, are to report directly to President Obama, thus bypassing the Congress. I am not a lawyer but this arrangement looks like a forth branch of the US Government to me, doesn’t it? …And let me specify what some of those Czars are up to.

“Adolfo Carrion, who was the Bronx Borough President and delivered Latino votes to Obama in that neighborhood. This guy is now the urban czar who has many more powers over the already confirmed Housing and Urban Development secretary Shaun Donovan. One, it was a payoff and two, it’s a way for Adolfo Carrion to carry out the same kind of “Pay for play” deals that he specialized in when he was the Bronx Borough President. Now he can use millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions of dollars in federal grants to pay off developers who are seeking favors from the Obama administration.” …Quoted from Michelle Malkin’s telephone interview with Glenn Beck, dated August 3, 2009 and the link of the interview is

“(T)he science czar, John Holdren. And it’s only through the power of blogs and talk radio and Fox News that anybody knows anything at all about this population control freak. It’s not just the fact that he co-wrote a book in 1977, Ecoscience with Paul and Ann Ehrlich, the gurus. Population control, a book that mused openly about mass sterilizations, forced abortions, putting sterilants in the water to control the population. It’s the fact that his ideological mentors, John Holdren’s mentors include one of the top international eugenics members most renowned, again, for promoting these same ideas of social engineering through the guise of quote/unquote science that basically amounts to eugenics and taking away babies from quote/unquote undesirables.” …Quoted from Michelle Malkin’s telephone interview with Glenn Beck, dated August 3, 2009 and the link of the interview is

“Van Jones. Here he is one of the founding members of the Apollo project. When you find out about the Apollo project and know that the Apollo project and the Tides Foundation came as a direct response of the Reagan revolution where they said you know what, Reagan, he’s just been — he’s taken this country over because he has control of the corporations, so we need to get control of the corporations. The Apollo project is started. You can’t look at any of the books. You don’t know exactly what they’re doing, but the guy who started the Apollo project or one of the founding members is Van Jones, a communist and a black nationalist, and it’s the Apollo project that actually wrote the stimulus package.” …Glenn Beck commented during the interview with Michelle Malkin, dated August 3, 2009. …And I am adding two rhetorical questions here. Is it orthodox that a US President tolerate a conspiratorial communist in his ‘Czar Administration’? Is it orthodox by President Obama to apparently conspire with Van Jones and push Van Jones’ stimulus on the American taxpayers? I call for the Justice Department to look into this matter, and I am pretty sure that millions of Americans want to get to the truth.

It is my opinion that President Obama befriended and employs shady characters. It is my opinion that President Obama has known several of those czars for many years AND THUS I am calling on the Justice Department ALONG WITH MILLIONS OF AMERICANS to investigate this matter, and I wish Pre-Paid Legal and other attorneys who will join my effort would investigate this matter. I am asking Glenn Beck, Michelle Malkin and other newspeople and political commentators to make available to your office all the information they possess. I am calling for the creation of a special fund to cover legal expenses — and for starters I’ll be taking pledges from people on my blog and on the petition I am starting, in the ‘comments’ section for both the blog and the petition.

President Obama told us all along what was coming but most of us did not take him seriously. He said ACORN will be called upon to help him shape his agenda, THUS I’m saying (allegedly) that he had conspired ‘transforming America beyond recognition’ with ACORN and maybe other organizations. I am asking you to read the transcript dated July 28, 2009 at and/or listen 20 minutes to the audio at — with Obama talking all through Glenn Beck’s commentary. I am asking Glenn Beck to provide all the information and facts he and his team has uncovered.

At the  G-20 Summit on April 9, 2009 the US Economic Sovereignty ended. The Declaration of Independence voted by our forefathers in 1776 was repealed by President Obama’s signature giving away the economic sovereignty of the US to FSF (Financial Stability Forum) which will regulate the American financial institutions — and now, if this is not unAmerican, and I’m staying away from other names out of respect for the Office of the President, I don’t know what is. Please listen to Dick Morris’ video comment at

The paragraph above ties in with what I’ve been knowing for a long time but have rejected for sounding too outrageously demonic. The Federal Reserve Bank is being manipulated by ‘the Clan’, my own term, the Builderberg Group and the Rothchilds and OPEC and God knows how many others, BILLIONS AND TRILLIONS RICH — and it is ‘the Clan’ President Obama and other presidents of nations report to. …The other day I heard that the Rothchilds are 500 trillion dollars rich, I don’t recall where I heard it. How can this be? How can a family amass so much wealth? Do you really think it is by orthodox means? …I refuse to believe that the good citizens of this planet are being led like sheep — but I’m afraid there is truth to that. I, along with the American people call for those with legal expertise and power of decision to investigate and eliminate such issues /institutions /’dubious elements of the Human race’.

I do not agree with and cannot condone President Obama pulling this FREE country — as our forefathers have envisioned it — pull it to the left the way he already did and is doing. For this reason and/or the reasons outlined before I am seeking the legal way of impeaching President Obama — and fire or impeach other members of Congress. I am proposing and would seek the approval of millions of taxpayers to amend the US Constitution and fire members of the Court of Appeal (in the near future) for not safeguarding the ‘normal’ functioning of the other two branches of the US Government — as the current and past infringements on the Constitution are not tolerable. I am further calling for the auditing of the Federal Reserve Bank and for its automatic dissolving for being unconstitutional — and I am asking the US taxpayers to vote on this, specifically.

I am asking the US voters to vote and abolish the IRS and introduce the flat tax — and I am inviting people to open dialogues with their local governments for the betterment of their lives, as they see it. …Get up and vote people, please! And do not be intimidated by ACORN and other such institutions.

I am asking Pre-Paid Legal to please look into the creation of the FPP  (Freedom Preservers Party) and teach me how to do it. I will seek and invite Americans to express their opinion and willingness to enroll in FPP. I will create a petition where I’ll collect pertinent data. I invite newsmen and political commentators to sponsor my efforts. I invite Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Greta Van Susteren, Judge Napolitano, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levine, Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter,RNC Chairman Michael Steele, Dick Morris,William Kristol, Karl Rove, Lou Dubbs, Charles Gibson, George Stephanopoulos, Katie Couric, et cetera to help me reach the American people and spread the unaltered voice of reason. I am asking the liberal media and liberal voices (like Janeane Garofalo) to quit being unAmerican for a change.

I am asking the youth, exuberance and charisma of Sarah Palin, as well as the political experience and versatility of Newt Gingrich to join my efforts and help me create and populate FPP. I am asking ALL the unadulterated talent our great nation possesses join FPP and let us rebuild a better tomorrow and a healthier US — as the forefathers have envisioned.

From now on, I am please requesting permission to email you as this matter is quite sensitive and as the links I will be sending are clickable by email (and not by fax). I will paste the content of this fax (except names) on my blog and also publish it on my FaceBook page (as a note). I will also send an emessage to key media people and political commentators letting them know of my intention. I am sure you realize that many of them may join me and this action could take national proportions in a matter of days. This is exactly what I want because the matter is of utmost gravity.

In closing I need to mention a fear I have — based on my experience from living the first 22 years of my life in a communistic country. I am fearing two things actually. One, at some point during this controversy ideologues of this administration and congress (or ‘the Clan’) will stoop to KGB tactics (‘Securitate’ tactics, as it was called in Romania) and place instigators amongst ‘the opposition’ in order to find cause for crushing the freedom preservers, and two, I am worried for my personal safety and I would really hope that Pre-Paid Legal will be ‘the legal shield’ they claim to be.

I am adding this paragraph after scanning the news yesterday. Apparently they have already started — by sneaking in town meetings ACORN members to keep out ‘the true protesters’, and at some point in the future orders will be given for the ACORN members to start trouble, mark my words. Just go to to see such video clip.


Ovidiu ‘Ovid’ Diaconescu

CASE: 2500616

PS: I am unable to sign this fax as it is being sent from my word processor.


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